Four of the Strangest Seafoods on Earth

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

When you think of seafood, you probably think of the classics: fish, shrimp, and maybe even lobster.

However, seafood is much more than only this! Here’s a look at some of the strangest seafoods that are consumed on Earth.


This tentacled creature isn’t common on dinner plates, but it is a beloved gastronomic item in several cultures.

People in the Galicia area of Spain love to eat boiled octopus covered with olive oil and paprika, and it also is beloved in Japan.


Many people also eat barnacles, a species that clings to rocks in tidal areas.

The most commonly-eaten barnacle is the gooseneck barnacle, which is a delicacy in the Iberian peninsula.

Sea Cucumber

We’re all certainly familiar with the normal green cucumber, but did you know that there’s a weird sea culture called the sea cucumber that’s also eaten?

Despite being somewhat rubbery, it’s considered a delicacy in East Asia.


This huge saltwater clam has nothing to do with the bird!

This clam, native to the Pacific Northwest of the United States, demands high prices at top restaurant. Despite its strange appearance, chefs love it for its delicious taste.