Four Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Your Kitchen

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Did you know that over a third of food products worldwide aren’t consumed, either because they are thrown away or get spoiled?

Unfortunately, many of us don’t eat all of the food we purchase. This is a waste of money and also contributes to methane gas emissions from landfills.

Here are some easy ways to be cut down on food waste in your kitchen.

Store and Eat Leftovers

If you make too much food, it’s essential to store and eat leftovers to reduce waste. In addition to helping you save money, it also saves you from having to make a meal the next day!

Buy Smaller Amounts of Food at the Store

A lot of food waste can be attributed to spoilage. If you buy too much food, especially fruits and vegetables, it’s likely they’ll go bad before you eat them. Buy less and make more trips to the store.

Use Your Freezer

If you find a package of meat or bread that’s nearing its expiration date, freeze it! Instead of throwing it away, you can preserve the food and eat it at a later date.

Reduce Kitchen Clutter

While it might seem trivial, refrigerator and pantry clutter causes lots of food waste. If you can’t find that ingredient you bought, how can you use it? Keep things organized, and you’ll be more aware of what’s in your kitchen.