Give These Brazilian Guarana Soft Drinks a Try!

Brazilian guarana
Image via diogoppr/depositphotos

Have you ever been to Brazil before? If you’ve spent any time in this South American country, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the love that Brazilians have for guarana, a plant that produces seeds that are commonly used in drinks in the country.

Guarana seeds give caffeine and flavor to Brazilian soft drinks, providing a taste that is woody, earthy, and subtle. Here are three popular Brazilian drinks that you should try to dip your toe into the world of guarana.

Guaraná Antarctica

Guarana Antarctica is the second most popular soft drink in Brazil behind Coca-Cola. It’s a beloved drink that is flavored with the guarana plant and sugar, prompting people to say that it tastes like a mix of apple and berry. It has a little bit of caffeine, too.


Coca-Cola saw the success of Guarana Antarctica in the country and wanted to get their piece of the action as well, creating Kuat. The company even tried selling this version in the United States, but it never took off.

Guaraná Schin

Guarana Schin is another Brazilian iteration of a guarana-based soft drink. Many say that this is the version that tastes most like the real fruit, meaning that it’s a little bit more astringent than others.