The Biggest Food Trends Happening in 2021 So Far

Food trends in 2021: Sourdough
Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash

We’re about a third of the way into 2021, and already we’re starting to see a plethora of new food trends emerging. While there is plenty of the year still to go, this seems like a great time to reflect on the start of this year and analyze certain things that foodies have done in 2021. Here are our favorite food trends so far this year.

Mental Health Cooking

With the pandemic affecting countless individuals physically and mentally, people have turned to cooking to satiate their worries. We don’t mean that in an unhealthy way. On the contrary, quarantined individuals found cooking to be a healing adventure amid a time of crisis. From learning new recipes to eating healthier, mental health cooking has been a big part of our collective consciousness.

Vegan and Vegetarian Life

Although veganism and vegetarianism has been on the rise for years now, there seems to be a shocking spike taking place in 2021. As we mentioned, people are more conscious than ever of their mental and physical health, which has led people to focus more on plant-based eating.

Bread-Baking at Home

There’s something cozy about baking your own bread, and that’s a feeling that was much needed over the last year. More people than ever have been baking their own bread, and it feels like everyone is doing it in 2021. People have also been baking a lot of sourdough bread as well.