Good Food Coffee and Bakery: Home of Prague’s Best Trdelnik

Going to Prague without trying their most popular traditional pastry trdelnik is like never going there at all. It’s sold at pretty much every street corner of the Czech capital, but there’s no better place to try it than Good Food Coffee and Bakery.

Trdelnik, commonly known as chimney cake, traditionally consists of rolled dough topped with sugar and walnuts, but this bakery is taking the classic recipe to a whole new level by adding a bunch of other colorful ingredients to the mix.

The owners of Prague’s top sweet spot took the traditional recipe and adapted it to the needs of the modern world. Their signature chimney cakes are brimming with numerous tasty toppings, including homemade ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and more.

If you’re not in the mood for something sweet, don’t despair, since they also have a couple of savory chimney cakes on the menu. They feature such ingredients as eggs, bacon, ham, macaroni and cheese anf vegan option with spinach and pine nuts are also available.