Have You Heard of this Morrocan Treat?

Photo: laila_hachimi/Instagram

If you’re ever lucky enough to journey to Morocco, there is definitely one food item you will see everywhere, called briouat.

Briouat is something you might not be familiar with, but in Morocco, its completely standard. The base of this pastry is warka dough, which is similar to filo dough but made with stronger flour so it’s easier to manipulate but not as tender and flaky as filo.

In Morocco, briouat can be either sweet or savory, which means you have a lot of options!

For the savory ones, which are called kefta because they have ground meat, you’ll often find them with beef, lamb, or a mixture or both. They can be quite spicy, but they are so flavorful and delicious you have to try them!

The sweet versions are also perfect, because they’re sweet but not cloyingly so, and have an awesome flavor.

These briouat are made with a special almond paste that is mixed with flavors like orange flower water, cinnamon, and other awesome tastes. It’s then topped with sesame seeds and usually covered in honey or a honey syrup which gives it a little sticky baklava-esque touch.

But whichever ones you prefer, you will not be disappointed with briouat.