Head To Your Local Farmers’ Market and Pick Out Seasonal Produce!

Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay

A lot of people nowadays are promoting eating locally sourced produce, but what’s all the hype about?

If you’ve ever been to a farmers market and been shocked to see your normal produce is twice or even three times more expensive than at the grocery store, there’s a good reason. And investing in your health by buying local produce can really benefit you in the long term.

Why Local?

There are so many reasons to shop locally. Since it’s grown within a short distance from you, the waste and pollution that comes with transporting produce is severely lowered.

Also, it means that the people who are growing your produce are your neighbors, and why wouldn’t you want to support your community?


Even though it might seem counter-intuitive to buy something that’s more expensive, the price comes with good reason. Farmers not only put in time to tending to their crops, but they do it organically and sustainably, which means it’s ultimately going to be healthier for you. In the end, you’re getting a better product, which makes the price worthwhile.


When you buy local produce, you are only getting what’s in season. This is so much better for the environment because it’s following the natural weather and earth patterns instead of forcing it.