Here are the 4 Ingredients You Should Never Mix in a Salad

Photo by Luisa Brimble on Unsplash

Crafting a great salad may sound simple, but sometimes, mixing the wrong ingredients can lead to a culinary catastrophe. To make sure you stay on track with your salad-making, here’s a list of four common salad combos to avoid.

Tomatoes and Lettuce

Let’s start with the classics. While tomatoes and lettuce may seem like a match made in salad heaven, they’re actually sworn enemies. Tomatoes release moisture that can turn your crisp lettuce into a wilted mess you’ll barely recognize. Keep these two separate to maintain crunchiness.

Cucumbers and Salt

If you’re looking for a refreshing crunch in your salad, cucumbers are your friends; but be careful when adding salt. Salt draws out moisture from cucumbers, making them extra watery. If you really have to add salt, do it just before serving to minimize sogginess.

Croutons and Dressing

Don’t you just love croutons in your salad? But while they add a delightful crunch, tossing them with dressing too early can lead to a soggy disaster. Keep your croutons crisp by adding them right before serving (or serving them on the side).

Delicate Greens and Heavy Dressings

Delicate greens like spinach or arugula can wilt under the weight of heavy dressings like Caesar or ranch. Go for lighter dressings or dress your salad lightly to keep from overwhelming your greens.