Here’s Why You Need More Pistachios in Your Diet

Image by sunnysun0804 from Pixabay

Like all nuts, pistachios are considered a healthy snack choice and have many health benefits. They are a great source of protein, antioxidants, and fiber and rich in minerals like magnesium, copper, potassium, iron, and manganese.

By eating more pistachios, we don’t mean eating large quantities at once. Be careful because just one ounce has 156 calories! Eating a small amount regularly will help you reap all the benefits of these tasty nuts.

Some of the ways pistachios help you be healthier include:

  • Promoting healthy gut bacteria
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Helping you lose weight
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure

Do you like pistachios? Will you eat them more often in the future?