How to Cool Down Spicy Food

Imagine this: you spent hours slaving over a nice dinner for your family and when it’s finally done you’re starving and can’t wait to dig in. However, when you give your dish one final taste before serving, you realize it’s way too spicy. What can you do? How can you save your dinner at the last minute?

A Splash Of Dairy

A few tablespoons of milk, yogurt or sour cream can do wonders to a spicy dish and help counteract the fiery flavors.

Add Something Sweet

Sugars can quickly help neutralize spicy flavors. Adding some honey, maple syrup or sugar to a dish can tone down the heat. Be careful, though—you don’t want your dish to go from too spicy to too sweet!

Acidic Liquids

Throwing in some acid-like ingredients such as vinegar, lemon, or tomatoes can cut through the intense heat of the dish.

Serve With a Carb

If you feel like you’ve tried everything and there’s still no way to cool down your meal, don’t worry. Serving the spicy dish with rice, pasta, potatoes, or other starchy foods can make the spiciness a little easier on your guests.