How to Deal With Leftover Cooking Grease

Cooking grease
Photo by Kevin McCutcheon on Unsplash

If you’re one of those people who simply pour their cooking grease down the drain, it’s time to find a more responsible way to deal with it. This method can lead to blocked pipes and sewer blockages, and that’s why you should look for alternative ways to get rid of your leftover cooking grease, including these three.

Re-use Your Grease

Instead of throwing your cooking grease away, figure out if there’s a way to reuse it. Leaving it in your skillet and using it for cooking another dish is the most obvious choice, but you can also pour it into a small container and save it for the future.

Proper Disposal

If reusing grease for cooking simply isn’t your thing, you should dispose of it, but not buy pouring it down the drain. Find a more responsible disposal method, such as soaking up the grease with paper towels or pouring it into a tiny container before throwing it away.

Recycling Grease

Recycling cooking grease may sound strange at first, but it’s not a mission impossible. Instead of letting it pollute the environment, try to figure out if there are any recyclers or local businesses near you that work with used oils.