How To Make Scrambled “Egg” The Vegan Way

These days, being vegan isn’t as big a challenge as it used to be. From vegan Ben & Jerry’s to cheese-free pizzas, there are plenty of options out there if you are going meat- and dairy-free.

One thing that many vegans do profess to miss is scrambled eggs on toast. It’s a classic breakfast dish that will always satisfy. Luckily, you can replicate the dish without forking out on a fancy and disappointing fake “egg” replicate.

All you need to make a yummy scrambled “egg” is tofu. Everything else is down to personal preference. All you need is one cup of tofu or anything between 200 and 300g. This is the equivalent of two eggs.

Add some vegetable oil to the pan and then mash up your tofu while the pan heats. When the tofu is positively scrambled, add it to the pan and flavor the mix with salt and pepper to taste. Adding a little basil or turmeric is also a nice touch. For something a little spicier, add 1 tsp of Sriracha.

The tofu will turn a golden color when cooked. If you want to add mushrooms, onions or any other breakfast treat, just toss them in the pan.