How to Properly Store Nuts and Extend Their Shelf Life

Nuts tips
Image via Pexels

Nuts are both tasty and good for you, which makes them the ultimate snack. They’re also one of those food items that don’t have an exact expiry date. You might have noticed this by looking at the package, where it just says “best by” date. Still, they do turn bad eventually and reach a point where they are unsafe to consume.

The “expiry date” of nuts largely depends on the way they are stored. If properly stored, nuts can last longer and be eaten way past their “best by” date. On the other hand, if you just leave them be they might spoil even before that.

How to Store Nuts

The best way to store nuts and ensure they last longer is to place them in an airtight bag or container. This will help keep the moisture level stable while shielding them from oxygen exposure. The oxygen exposure leads to oxidation, which in turn makes nuts go bad.

The next step is to place them in a fridge or a freezer. If stored in the fridge, the nuts will remain good several months longer compared to being stored in the pantry. The freezer is even a better solution, as you can double the shelf life of some nuts this way.

How to Tell if the Nuts Turned Bad

As we previously mentioned, the nuts do have an expiry date. The best way to find out whether you have spoiled nuts on your hands is to use your nose. If they have an unpleasant odor, described as a paint-like smell by Eat by Date, they are unsafe to eat.

In case that they just smell stale, you can bring them back to life by giving them an oven roast for 10 minutes on 350F.