How to Turn Leftovers Into Awesome New Meals

Photo by Kim Deachul on Unsplash

We’ve all been there. You’re staring into the fridge, pondering what to do with those leftovers from last night’s dinner. But this actually isn’t a problem at all, because your leftovers hold the key to a world of culinary possibilities! With a little imagination and some handy tips, you can turn those forgotten morsels into mouthwatering creations that will make you forget they were ever leftovers.

It’s All Possible

Instead of seeing leftovers as a burden, think of them as a canvas waiting to be painted with new flavors and textures. Leftover chicken can be transformed into a hearty soup or a filling for tacos, while that last scoop of mashed potatoes can become crispy potato chips (Hey, you never know).

Have Fun With It

Don’t be afraid to mix and match ingredients. Combining different leftovers can lead to surprising and delicious results. How about tossing some leftover roasted veggies with cooked quinoa and a tangy dressing for a vibrant and wholesome salad?

Renewing Something Old

Lastly, embrace the power of reinvention. Leftover rice can be transformed into a flavorful fried rice dish, while stale bread can be turned into croutons for salads or breadcrumbs for coating chicken or fish.