How to Use Plantains to Make Delicious Side Dishes

Photo by Chris Ralston on Unsplash

Plantains are a starchy fruit that is similar to the banana, but unique and different for several reasons.

Larger and typically less sweet that the typical banana fruit, plantains have a variety of uses in the kitchen and can be used as both a sweet and savory side dish.

Green Plantains

Green plantains, which are when the fruit is eaten less ripe than the yellow version, can be used to make delicious savory side dishes.

One common way to utilize green plantains in your kitchen is to fry them in oil (or, for a healthier version, roast them in your oven) to create plantain chips. After frying or roasting, they are sprinkled with sea salt. These delightful chips are oh-so-slightly-sweet and a crunchy way to add a twist to your next Latin-inspired meal.

Yellow Plantains

Now, with yellow plantains, youโ€™re going to find a sweet, mature, and soft fruit that is used to make sweet side dishes.

The best way to use yellow plantains in your kitchen is to fry them in oil after cutting them into chunks, which renders a delicious Latin dish called maduros. These fried, sweet pieces of plantain are often served with meat dishes to counteract the savory qualities of the meat. Yum!