If You Aren’t Satisfied With Your Vegetable Sautes, Try These Tips!

Cooking vegetables correctly is the best way to get you or your family to eat more of them. It might seem easy to cook vegetables, but in reality, it can be one of the more difficult things to accomplish in the kitchen. If you want to step up your game and make vegetables truly delicious, check out these tips.


Timing is everything with vegetables, especially if you are cooking more than one in the same pan. After you’ve chopped up your vegetables, look at the texture and sizes and decide what needs to go into the pan first and what can wait. Vegetables like zucchini don’t need to go in for a few minutes or they will get too mushy. Leafy greens should be put in last or even when the heat is totally off because the residual heat will cook them.

Leave the Pan Alone

A lot of times people want to move everything around the pan constantly. However, if you let the veggie sit for even a minute, you will see that they start to get nice color. As long as you don’t have the heat on too high, you really don’t have to worry about burning them.