If You’re in Mexico, You Have to Try These Desserts

Photo by Alexandra Golovac on Unsplash

Mexico is a country that just doesn’t get enough love for the delicious desserts that it produces. While all of us are familiar with savory dishes such as tacos and guacamole that originated in this gastronomic wonderland, many of us are unfamiliar with all of Mexico’s sweet treats.

Here are some desserts that you absolutely must seek out to try if you find yourself visiting Mexico.

Tres Leches Cake

My favorite Mexican dessert is this delicious, moist cake which is called “tres leches” (meaning “three milks”) because of the three different varieties of dairies used in its recipe. It’s fantastic when topped with fruit or when eaten with coffee because of how well it goes with all of the milk that it contains.

Mexican Horchata

Don’t confuse Spanish horchata with Mexican horchata. The south-of-the-border version is made with rice, cinnamon, milk, and almonds and is served ice-cold. It’s a fantastic, rich drink that cools you down on a hot day.


This treat originated in the south of what is now Spain during the Al-Andalus period of Moorish occupation. It consists of fried dough which is topped with sugar and cinnamon and then sometimes dipped into honey. Yum!