Let’s Talk About Cakes Baby!

Everybody loves a good cake, and all this time at home has gotten us cake-crazy. So many options and not enough time to eat them all is definitely an issue on every cake lover’s mind. Here are some of the best cakes ideas trending online.


Since Carry Bradshaw made them famous on Sex and the City, they have never gone out of style. Beautifully made, eye-catching, and fancy, these bite-sized sweets will get your attention and win your hearts.


These candy inspired desserts are all over the internet these days. Use your left-over cake batter to make these round treats for your loved ones. Decorated with chocolate and rainbow color sprinkles, they are every girls best friends.  


Yummy, chocolatey, brownies are made with caramelized white chocolates. They’re easy to make and they will melt your hearts and revive your souls every time. Kept them in the freezer for a sweet cool down on a hot day or as an evening snack on the balcony.

Drip Cake

These beautiful cakes are all over Instagram and they’re almost too beautiful to eat. They’re not the easiest to make at home, but we guarantee that they will be the center of attention at every party.