Surprising Uses for Cinnamon in the Kitchen

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When you think of cinnamon, what sort of recipe comes to mind? If you are like most, cinnamon is probably first and foremost an ingredient in warm-tasting desserts that you are likely to enjoy during the colder parts of the year.

While it’s true that this is cinnamon’s most common application in the kitchen, the reality is that this spice is much more versatile than you might think. Try using it in these three ways, and you might be surprised at how great it works.

Pasta Sauce

Believe it or not, cinnamon is sometimes used as an ingredient in meat sauces by immigrant communities such as the Greek one in the United States. It’s a unique flavor, but this savory taste is actually unexpectedly good especially in a meaty sauce.

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Cinnamon🌿Day 6 of kitchen herbs as medicine. 💚 Sweet, warming, moistening Cinnamon. When taken in large doses, It supports metabolic function, stops excessive sweating, and lowers blood glucose levels. 🍯 It mildly thins the blood and increases circulation, balancing temperature throughout the body. Think of cinnamon when you’re feeling hot and cold, or cold and clammy and sweaty. It also nourishes and tones the intestinal wall, and can help relieve diarrhea. 🧡 It is one of the few demulcent kitchen herbs. When you suck on a cinnamon stick for a while, it gets a sort of slipperiness to it, and that is what demulcent means. This indicates that it is soothing to dry and irritated mucous membranes, such as really dry and scratchy throat. It is also antimicrobial, and it can help alleviate toothaches, and decrease harmful bacteria in the mouth. 😁 You would have to take quite a bit of cinnamon for a therapeutic dose. You can increase the amount you put in recipes for mild effect, and consider making cinnamon tea once in a while, when it’s needed. Always do your own research and pay attention to how your body reacts when using any remedy-herbal, pharmaceutical, or other. 🐒 One of the things I love about herbal medicine is that you get to spend a little time to make something for yourself, and to pay attention to the taste and sensations. And it often tastes and feels so good! ☕️ I hope these posts have been inspiring you to get curious about your herbs and spices, to cook with ones you don’t always reach for, and maybe in larger amounts. Or inspiring you to make a cup of tea, and spend time enjoying that. ❤️ #getcurious #teatime #herbalmedicine #kitchenherbs #herbsandspices #cinnamon #cinnamomum #demulcent #soothing #bloodsugar #hotandcold #folkmedicine #homeremedies #herbaltea #naturaldelights #culinary #usewhatyouhave #cinnamonstick #bark

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Sweet and Savory Meat Dishes

During cold weather, one of my favorite ways to prepare pork chops is to bake them with a sweet and savory cinnamon apple sauce. The possibilities are endless for implementing cinnamon in meat dishes, from dry rubs to marinades. Experiment and find what works best for you.

Coffee Enhancer

Are you looking to spice up (literally) your coffee in the morning? Adding a bit of cinnamon along with milk and sugar creates a delicious drink that is easy to become addicted to. You don’t have to go to a coffee shop to enjoy unique coffee creations–the key is sometimes as simple as using a kitchen staple like cinnamon.