Level Up Your Chicken Wing Game With These Recipes

Chicken wings
Photo by Scott Eckersley on Unsplash

Craving a yummy chicken wing recipe? No worries, TikTok’s got your back. Here are two entirely different and entirely delicious ways of making chicken wings that you can easily try at home. Aprons on!

KFC Style

To make these KFC-style chicken wings by @asianfoodrecipes, all you need is some ginger, garlic cloves, wine, soy sauce, chicken powder, and eggs. After some intense deep frying, you won’t be able to believe how these ingredients magically turn into ultra-crispy, incredibly yummy chicken wings that look like they’ve been bought at KFC. But hey, don’t let your guests be fooled—you made them all by yourself.

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Garlic and Parmesan

For a different twist, try these mouthwatering, air fryer-made Garlic-Parm chicken wings by @thejoshelkin. He says it’s without a doubt his favorite way of eating chicken wings, and after watching, it’s hard to blame him. You’ll need eggs, some hot sauce, potato starch, garlic, butter, honey, and let us not forget the cherry on top: parmesan. The result is no short of amazing, and how cool is it that you don’t even need to fry the wings for this one? It’s hard to call it low-calorie, but maybe, low-calorie-ish would work.


My Favorite Chicken Wings of ALL TIME! Garlic Parm Airy Fryer Wings Ingredients below (makes 24 wings) INGREDIENTS 24 chicken wings 4 egg whites 1/4 cup hot sauce 1 cup potato starch 2 tbsp herb seasoning 2 tbsp salted butter 2 tbsp garlic 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese 1/4 cup chopped parsley

♬ original sound – Josh Elkin