Looking for Vegan Recipes? Let Lauren Toyota Inspire You!

Vegan cooking can be really challenging sometimes. While those that adhere to a vegan lifestyle often do their best to make their meals unique and tasty, it can be hard to find inspiration and creativity when your ingredient options are limited.

So, if you’re looking for that creative spark that you might need in, @hotforfood is an Instagram account that you absolutely must check out.

Sometimes people assume that vegan cooking has to be boring or tasteless. Lauren Toyota, the food blogger, chef, and Youtuber responsible for this fantastic Instagram account, takes on those notions about vegan eating head on.

Her recipe ideas and photos show that vegan cooking can be bold and daring, yet accessible and available for all.

From sweet treats to savory dinner ideas, Toyota’s Instagram account provides vegan recipes for any meal and any occasion.

Even if you aren’t vegan, Toyota’s photos and recipes can open up your mind in the kitchen and help you cut down on your consumption of meat. Vegan cooking often sounds intimidating, but @hotforfood proves that this need not be the case.

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