Love Bread? Sarah Owens Will Inspire You

Looking to get your gluten fix while browsing Instagram? Well, look no further, because I have the perfect account for you to follow.

Sarah Owens is the queen of baking breads, and she shows off plenty of loaves that are to die for on her fantastic account, @sarah_c_owens. From sourdough to rye, you’ll find it all and be inspired by the delicious crusty offerings that she is always baking and sharing with her followers.

Not only does Sarah bake and post about it on Instagram, but she also writes books that teach you about baking and how to make a perfect loaf of bread. Her first book, Sourdough, Toast & Jam was recognized with a James Beard Foundation Award for excellence in culinary writing.

Her second book, Heirloom, is set to come out soon and will feature recipes and stories from American cooking. It’s sure to be another success and a great read if you’re looking to find out more about bread-making.

Even if you don’t have her books handy, you’re still sure to learn about all kinds of new breads and techniques just by following her account. And if you don’t even learn anything, well, your mouth is still going to water!

Be sure to give Sarah a follow today!