Reimagine Your Leftovers with These Ideas!

Photo by Eiliv-Sonas Aceron on Unsplash

Leftovers can be a real godsend, and with these fun tricks, you can use them up in fun and creative ways!

Sauteed Vegetables

There is so much you can do with leftover veggies from dinner the night before. You can use them as a centerpiece for a grain salad and top them with a really yummy vinaigrette for lunch or dinner, or even eat them for breakfast! The best way to transform them into a breakfast treat is to throw a fried egg on top and use the yolk as a yummy sauce to coat.

Wrap It Up

Nothing says transformation like losing the knife and fork and using your hands instead! Wraps and burritos are the perfect way to turn any meal into lunch for the next day. All you have to do is pile in whatever you ate, whether it’s rice, proteins, veggies, or a mix of all of them, wrap them up, and you’re set for the day!


If you get takeout Chinese food and still have a ton of the white rice it comes with, don’t throw it away! You can do so much with it and go in so many directions. Fry it up with some vegetables in soy sauce for fried rice, or use it in curries and beyond!