Make the Best Hash Browns With These Simple Tips

Photo by Tyrone Sanders on Unsplash

At their best, hash browns are a crispy, golden brown deliciousness that can turn your breakfast into a feast. At their worst, they are a soggy mess that will make you never think about having hash browns again. To ensure you always end up with the first version, follow these simple tips.

Pick The Best Potatoes

Your hash browns will only be as good as the potatoes you are using to make them. For hash browns, the best pick is a starchy potato variety like Russet or Yukon Gold. Make sure to avoid waxy varieties like Red Bliss because the hash browns made with them will turn out all mushy.

Shred and Rinse the Potatoes

After peeling the potatoes, you should shred them and rinse them under running cold water for a minute. This will help them release excess starch and ensure the hash browns are perfectly crispy.

Don’t Forget to Drain

After the potatoes have been rinsed, drain them properly and then squeeze by hand or wrap them in a clean piece of cloth to make sure all the excess moisture has been removed. Doing this will prevent sogginess.

Use Neutral Oil for Frying

Forget about butter or olive oil when frying hash browns, neutral oil like vegetable or canola is your friend. Neutral oils have a high smoking temperature, so they won’t affect the taste of the hash browns.

Leave Them Be

Once the hash browns hit the pan, leave them be. Wait until they are golden brown at the bottom, and then flip them. After you get the same result on the other side, that is it.