Make This Simple Vegan Sugar-Free Muesli Today!

Photo by Ovidiu Creanga on Unsplash

Muesli is basically the German equivalent of breakfast cereal. The difference is that you can easily make it at home and it can be one of the best and healthiest ways to start your day, unlike cereal. The base for this breakfast is rolled oats, along with various nuts, dried fruits, and seeds. There are no rules for muesli, and you can make it taste just as you like. Here’s a recipe for muesli that is both sugar-free and vegan, and you can even make it gluten-free!


This recipe simply calls for coconut flakes, rolled oats, brazil nuts, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and a flavorless oil. But, again, make it with whatever nuts and seeds you like best, or whatever you have laying around. You can also throw in dried fruit if you like!


  1. Try to soak your nuts and seeds the night before or for an hour in boiling water if you are in a rush
  2. Dry your nuts and roughly chop them
  3. Add them to a bowl with the other dry ingredients and combine well
  4. Pour in the oil, toss, and put in on a cookie sheet
  5. Bake for 30 minutes at a low temperature
  6. Enjoy immediately with nut or seed milk, yogurt, or plain!
  7. Store for up to three weeks in a glass jar