Make Your Kale Smoothies a Little Bit Better in Three Short Steps

Kale smoothie
Photo by Charlotte Turner on Unsplash

Kale smoothies are often hailed as one of the ultimate superfoods, and they only have one, very important flaw—their taste. Not everyone enjoys the bitter flavor of these healthy green smoothies, but our brief guide is here to help you make them a little bit tastier.

Kale Choice

Not all types of kale are created equal, and the one you add to your smoothies will determine how delicious your drink will taste. Using full stalks of kale is best avoided because they’ll give your smoothie a bitter, peppery taste. Consider replacing them with baby kale to tone down the bitterness of this leafy green.

Ditch Kale Stems

If you have a habit of dropping full kale inside your blender when making green smoothies, you’re doing it wrong. Your drink will have a much milder flavor if you cut off the stems because they’re too tough and fibrous to be used in your smoothies.

Other Ingredients

Kale will make your smoothies healthier, but you’ll have to rely on other ingredients to make your drink delicious. Bananas are always the safest bet, pineapples can make your smoothie sweeter, while honey, peanut butter, or non-fat Greek yogurt can give it an irresistible creamy texture.