Mandarin Oranges are the Best Snack For Planes

Once you’re on the plane, flying stops being some glamorous activity and it turns into a pain you can’t wait to get over. Long flights can be especially dreadful with uncomfortable seats and bad food. There’s one fruit that you should always take with you on flights and it’s mandarin oranges. Here’s why.

Ideal flight food should distract you from everything unpleasant that’s going on. Mandarin oranges taste delicious and they are pretty convenient to eat. If you eat them regularly at home, you probably have a favorite brand or store where you buy them so they will be easy to peel and without too many seeds. Mandarin oranges can be peeled by hand and you can just put the trash in the bag you brought them in.

One great advantage of this fruit is that it releases a lovely citrusy smell that will spread just enough for you to enjoy and it won’t bother other passengers. And if you’re wondering how many to bring, we’d say that four is a minimum but 10+ is a safe bet, especially if you end up sitting next to a friendly person and want to share!