McDonald’s is Going Meatless, Too

Meat? Chicken? That is all so 2018…

Burgers without beef, chicken nuggets made from chickpeas, that’s where the world is now. So catch up.

Back in April, Burger King forayed into flora by creating a burger in conjunction with Impossible Foods that included a plant-based patty.

Even more recently, Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to introduce a vegan option for a day. Using a plant-based substance from Beyond Meat, the “chicken” was available in the form of nuggets and wings.

Now McDonald’s has jumped on the meatless bandwagon by adding the P.L.T. to its menu — short for Plant. Lettuce. Tomato. Like KFC, McD will use Beyond Meat.

The new burger will be piloted in 28 Canadian branches for 6 weeks starting at the end of September.