This Mexican Farm Potion Can Cure Your Hangover in No Time

Image by @Alturas Oceanicas / Flickr

After a night of too much drinking, many of us turn to the likes of lots of water, heavy carbs, and even “the hair of the dog” in order to help us get back to equilibrium the next day.

Mexico has its own potent potion that can help cure that aching hangover feeling in no time, though it’s typically limited to rural areas since the secret ingredient necessitates that a cow be present and at the ready.

The special potion is called a pajarete, which is similar to a White Russian in looks and consistency. Freshly uttered cow’s milk, known as leche bronca, is the magical ingredient, and the fresher and foamier it is, the more it’ll work to alleviate your hangover and perk you up straight away.

Other ingredients include chocomil (traditional chocolate powder) plus coffee grounds, cane alcohol, and sugar. Drinkers can add additional goods to the mix, such as cocoa or cinnamon, and vary proportions as they’d like.