Milan’s Best Pizza Spot is Pizza AM

Photo by Sinan Helfenstein on Unsplash

Italy is a pizza mecca. Anyone who spends time visiting “The Boot” will undoubtedly spend much of their vacation going from pizza spot to pizza spot in order to try the best slices on this fascinating peninsula.

One popular Italian city that many claim doesn’t have the best pizza is Milan. However, there is at least one stand-out spot that makes pies that are absolutely to die for.

Pizza AM, located on a sleepy side street to the southeast of the center of this bustling city, is undoubtedly the number one spot for delicious pizza in Milan.

Pizza AM is unique in that it doesn’t take reservations, it has a completely relaxed atmosphere, and it has a very limited menu. Instead of showing up at a specific time for which you have reserved a table, you’ll simply wait until one is available. The good thing, however, is that they offer up free shots of traditional liquors and bites of food while you wait!

Once seated, you’ll find a limited menu of traditional Napoli-style pizzas. They feature simple pies, such as Margherita, caprese, and napolitana pies, but the ingredients are so fresh and the pizzas so perfectly wood-fired that you won’t be able to expect anything more.

Be sure to give this iconic restaurant a chance to satisfy your pizza fix the next time you’re in Milan!