Potato Milk is Trending: Here’s What You Need to Know

Potato Milk
Image via EllyGri/Depositphotos

Move over oat milk, there’s a new contender in the plant-based milk game—potato milk. While it may sound unexpected, potato milk has been gaining traction in recent years, particularly due to its potential as a sustainable and affordable dairy alternative. Let’s take a closer look. 

Origins and Rise to Popularity

Potato milk is not entirely a new concept. However, its commercial availability and popularity have only recently begun to peak. In 2022, the Swedish company Veg of Lund introduced a potato-based beverage called DUG.  This new option joined the ranks of established plant-based milks offering consumers a unique and potentially more eco-friendly choice

Environmental Benefits

One of the most compelling reasons behind potato milk’s surge in popularity is its sustainability. Potatoes require significantly less water and land to grow compared to almonds, soy, or oats, making potato milk a more eco-friendly option. Potatoes are also relatively easy to cultivate in most climates, meaning there’s a lot of growth potential. 

Taste and Availability

The taste of potato milk is often described as surprisingly neutral and mild, with a slightly sweet undertone. As for availability, while potato milk is still gaining traction, it is increasingly being stocked in health food stores and supermarkets alongside other dairy-free alternatives.