Ripen an Avocado in No Time in These Easy Ways

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

We know it’s not easy when you buy an avocado and have to wait for it to be perfectly ripe. To speed up the process a little bit, try one of these four ways.

Put it in a Paper Bag

Wrap your avocado in a paper bag and let it sit there until ripe. It will release ethylene gas, which won’t go anywhere because of the bag, making your avocado softer.

Keep it Next to an Apple

You can also toss an apple in the paper bag along with your avocado. Double the ethylene means faster ripening!

Add Some Flour

An unusual tip, but worth a try. Adding enough flour to the bottom of the said paper bag to completely cover the avocado will amplify the ethylene emissions and absorbs excess moisture.

Provide Sunlight

If you want to avoid a paper bag altogether, place your avocado in the sunniest spot in your kitchen and let the warmth do its job.