Salads are Getting an Overhaul With The Salad Lab’s Calming and Delicious Recipes

If you were to ask a group of people their favorite foods, chances are that salad wouldn’t come out on top. It’s not usually the most exciting of dishes, and people still give salad a bad rap. But one TikTok star is on a mission to change that—one calming video at a time.

Even the biggest salad haters find themselves mesmerized by her viral videos. She goes simply by her first name, Darlene, and @thesaladlab on TikTok is giving salads a whole new meaning. She now has over 2.2 million followers, and we can totally see why.

@thesaladlab Thanksgiving Leftovers Turkey Sandwich #salad #saladsoftiktok #thesaladlab #thanksgiving #thanksgivingrecipes #thanksgivingleftovers #thanksgivingleftoversalad #easyrecipe @John Legend ♬ All of Me – Piano Instrumental

With her signature catchphrase “Welcome to The Salad Lab, where we’re making fabulous salads every day”, Darlene starts with a big wooden bowl and drops her ingredients in using Petri dishes and test tubes, keeping with the “lab” theme.

@thesaladlab Ariana Grande’s Style Favorite #salad #saladsoftiktok #arianagrandesalad #arianagrande #thesaladlab #balletto #sparklingrose ♬ thank u, next – Ariana Grande

Her positivity and calming voice are enough to have us craving salads on the daily. Not only does she put a new spin on classic salads, but she also recreates famous salads from TV shows and our favorite celebrities’ signature salads. If you’ve ever wondered how to make Ariana Grande’s favorite or the one Jennifer Anniston ate in “Friends” that one time, you’re in the right place.

@thesaladlab The Real Jennifer Aniston Style Friends Salad #salad #saladsoftiktok #realfriendssalad #friendsalad #ohboy #smartwater #secondtimesacharm #articlelinkedinbio#screammovie ♬ original sound – The Salad Lab

One of the best things about Darlene’s videos is that there’s no mention of diet culture, health benefits, or ‘good and bad’ foods—just delicious ingredients and her soothing voice along with it. She’s proving to us that there’s a salad out there for everyone. So, which will you make first?

@thesaladlab Kale Caesar Salad Sweetened Greens Style #saladsoftiktok #thesaladlab #salad #easyrecipe #caesar #kalecaesar #jasminegreentea @sweetgreen @sweetgreen @Whisps Cheese Crisps @Holland Bowl Mill ♬ Hip Hop with impressive piano sound(793766) – Dusty Sky