Say It With a Muffin: The Right Flavor for Eery Important Event

Photo by MICHAEL CHIARA on Unsplash

Some people like giving practical gifts for important life events, be it vouchers or guide books, or even equipment or gear that would come useful. Others like more symbolic gifts, marking the importance of the event to the loved ones. If you’re a baker, you can combine both these approaches and prepare a gift of a basket filled with a batch of event-appropriate muffins to show your love and support.

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Baby Shower

Before your loved ones start encountering fruits strictly in their mashed form, make them delicious apple-banana muffins. To make them look more interesting, put a thin slice of a red apple on the top before putting them in the oven.

Wedding Day

We’re not suggesting that you try and compete with the wedding cake, but the day of the wedding can be a long day and champagne-flavored muffins would make a great pre-wedding gift to offer. Make it extra festive with mimosa muffins which are champagne-flavored with an orange glaze.

New Job

Make an amazing first impression on new colleagues on your first day of a job with a perfect treat for break time: coffee muffins. You can throw in cocoa beans, chocolate chips, or even toffee chunks. If you’re really into your coffee, find a recipe for intense espresso muffins with dark chocolate.