Sea Greens: The Next Big Superfood

Superfoods have been a food buzzword for the past few years. These foods have a rich and healthy combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work together to make people stronger and healthier.

Greens have always been a well-known category within the realm of superfoods. Many people know about the healthy properties of foods like kale, wheat grass, and spinach and know how delicious and simple they can be to prepare.

However, one surprising superfood that has seen slow growth in popularity and could be due for an explosion in 2019 is sea greens, which contain soluble fiber and huge quantities of antioxidants as well as other vitamins and minerals.

What are sea greens, you ask?

Sea greens are just that: green, leafy vegetables that come from the sea.

While they may seem foreign and exotic to us, people in coastal regions have actually been eating these greens and reaping their rewards for millennia.

Some common sea greens that you can use in your kitchen include kelp, seaweed, nori, and algae.

If you’ve eaten sushi, you probably know that many varieties of the popular Japanese food incorporate nori, which is a dried seaweed.

Fresh seaweed can also be used as the base for a delicious salad which can be the perfect side dish for any Asian meal.

Believe it or not, kelp noodles are also growing in popularity and can be used as a replacement for traditional noodles in stir fries or other pasta dishes.

There is a world of possibilities for cooking with sea greens, so start experimenting and reap their benefits!