Skyr is a Yogurt Alternative You Need to Try

Image by potices from Pixabay

Skyr is a traditional cultured dairy product from Iceland that recently got our attention as a healthy alternative to yogurt. It’s made from only two ingredients: skimmed milk and cultures, while most yogurts you can buy today come loaded with sugar. That’s right, your favorite go-to healthy food might not be so healthy after all, but you can easily replace it with skyr and stop worrying about it.

Skyr is not exactly a type of yogurt. In fact, it’s much closer to fresh sour milk cheese, but the way you consume it makes it a great alternative for yogurt. It’s not a new thing; it’s been a big part of Icelandic cuisine for hundreds of years. 

Skyr is smooth and creamy, with high protein content, which is why it’s a perfect replacement for yogurt. One of the biggest differences between the two is the pasteurization process. 

How can you use skyr? In so many different ways! Add it to savory dishes, dips, salad dressings, or mix with fruits for a healthy sweet snack between two meals.