Start Planting Your Own Home Veggie Garden

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Always wanted to grow your own food, but didn’t have the time or the green thumb to make it happen? this article is for you.

Even if you never had a garden, you can make it work, and have a fresh salad made with produce from your garden by next month. It’s fun, easy, cheap, and healthy!

All you will need to get you started is some space and some soil. Don’t have a yard? No need. You just need a pot and a window. Pick a window that gets nice sunshine exposer, and a nice-looking pot, to make your tiny garden an eye candy.

Now, plant away. Try to pick seeds suitable for your local weather. Try seeding Rosemary, Mint, Salad veggies, Tomatoes, Paprika, or Cucumbers. Strawberries are beautiful looking and can be a nice (and well surviving) addition to any garden.

Don’t water the garden too often or too little, touch the soil every day to make sure it’s not dry, and add water if needed. 

Now you can make a salad! Pick, cut, add olive oil, lemon and salt, and viola! dinner is served. Nothing taste better than eating a salad you grew by yourself. Grow it, love it and eat it.