The Amazonico Restuarant in Madrid Brings You Closer to Nature

The Amazon rainforest covers a huge area in South America, mostly the territory of Brazil, and it’s often referred to as Earth’s lungs because of the amount of oxygen it produces. The rainforest inspired the owners of this new restaurant in Madrid to name it Amazonico and to turn it into a unique part of the city where the guests can experience the unique atmosphere.

The restaurant opened in June 2016 and another one will open in London in November this year. It’s a spot where you can often see celebrities, but also regular people who enjoy amazing food and the unique interior.

“Amazonico opened its doors in the summer of 2016, flooding with freshness, aromas and sensations the heart of the neighborhood of Salamanca, Madrid. The gastronomic proposal is inspired by tropical, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine, with references to Brazilian gastronomy, our chef Sandro Silva’s country of origin,” the restaurant’s website reads.