The Basque Country’s Best Michelin-Starred Restaurants

Did you know that the Basque Country, located straddling the border between Spain and France, has the highest density of Michelin-starred restaurants of any region on Earth?

This gastronomic heavyweight has an incredible total of 36 starred restaurants that you can try, including four three-starred restaurants. Here are the three best that any serious diner absolutely must try.

Arzak (San Sebastián)

Arzak is one of Spain’s most famous restaurants, located in the heart of gastronomic titan San Sebastian. Here, you’ll find a variety of tasting menus that will allow you to try the best of local products from the region.

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Martín Bersategui (Lasarte)

This restaurant, located in a rural part of the Spanish province of Gipuzkoa, features food from the eponymous owner, who owns 10 Michelin stars in total. This restaurant’s minimalistic, natural vibe is the perfect setting for showing off local dishes with a creative flair.

Azurmendi (Larrabetzu)

Not only does Azurmendi have some of the best food on Earth, it also might be the world’s most sustainable restaurant. Here, rainfall is harvested, waste is recycled, and the building is heated and cooled using geothermal energy. A one-of-a-kind experience.