The Best Pizza Restaurants In The World

Photo by Nik Owens on Unsplash

From classic Neapolitan pizza to the New York slice and everything in between, pizza is a meal that is adored across the globe. Naturally, many pizza lovers want nothing less than the best pies around. According to the Top 50 Pizza Awards, here are the best pizzerias in the world that you can visit.

10 Diego Vitagliano Pizzeria

This classic Italian pizzeria is nestled away in Naples, the very birthplace of pizza. From marinaras to margaritas, montanaras, and calzones, this pizzeria is focused on providing the most authentic pizzas available.

I Masanielli

Just a few miles away from Naples is the city of Caserta, which happens to be the home to some succulent pizzas as well. In addition to providing the freshest ingredients, this establishment gives you the choice between steamed, fried, and baked pizzas.

Una Pizza Napoletana

Located on New York City’s Lower East Side, Una Pizza Napoletana is proof that you don’t need to travel to Italy to enjoy a scrumptious pizza pie. This upmarket establishment offers a range of traditional Neopolitan flavors as well as a southern Italian-style cafe.