The Best Ways to Put Overripe Bananas to Good Use

Most people tend to throw their bananas in the trash once they start getting covered in brown spots. Eating them overripe may be out of the question, but you can still put them to some good use by making these delicious desserts.

Banana Bread

Instead of tossing your bananas out as soon as they start getting a little bit brown, get baking because they’ll bring delicious taste to your banana bread and muffins.


Bananas are one of the essential smoothie ingredients, so consider blending them with the rest of your favorite fruits and veggies instead to make this healthy drink.


You can use bananas as a pancake topping, but you can also stir them into the batter because they’ll keep your pancakes moist and serve as a natural sweetener.


Oatmeal is another popular breakfast option that can benefit from your overripe bananas. Mash up your banana and add it to the warm bowl of oats to get the most delicious oatmeal.