The Coolest Items On the McDonalds Menu

Photo by Joiarib Morales Uc on Unsplash

Ever wondered what McDonals looks likes in other countries? Although the menu stays fairly similar, some countries offer their own unique variations on the classic menu items. Here are the most bizarre.

Pineapple Oreo McFlurry

In Columbia, instead of enjoying a standard but delicious Oreo McFlurry, you can get it with pineapple too. And to think people are still kicking off about pineapple on pizza…C

Ebi Filet-O Shrimp Burger

In Japan, fast food lovers can enjoy a patty of Panko-battered shrimp topped off with shrimp tempura sauce.


In Germany, you can enjoy a bun containing three bratwurst with a serving of mustard and onions.

Friend Chicken Feet

Instead of chicken McNuggets, you can try fried chicken feet if you are feeling daring and happen to stumble across a Mcdonalds in China. Which you will. Because they are everywhere.

Mashed Potato Burger

In China, there was a time when you couldo get a burger topped with mashed potato. It may sound like the dream, until you realize your bun is completely soggy.