The McBaguette From “Emily in Paris” Does Actually Exist

We all have that one dish from a movie or TV show that we wish we could taste in real life. For some, it was the sandwich from Spanglish or the ratatouille from Ratatouille, while others would love to try a shortbread biscuit from Ted Lasso. 

We’re fairly certain that those enticing items are not available off-screen, but one which you can get your hands on is the McBaguette from Emily in Paris.

During the third season of the Netflix series, Emily Cooper finds herself being contacted by her ex-boyfriend who is now a global exec at McDonald’s. Doug is on the lookout for a French marketing agency to launch the McBaguette and, as luck would have it, Emily happens to work at one!

The sandwich does not come to fruition on the show, but McDonald’s has held up its end of the bargain in real life.

First launched a decade ago, the McBaguette comprises a baguette filled with two burger patties, two slices of Emmental cheese, lettuce, and French mustard.

To celebrate the new season of Emily in Paris, French branches of the fast food chain are now offering customers a special meal that consists of a McBaguette, French fries, two macrons, and a medium-sized drink.

Sadly, the special sandwich is only available in the European country, as if we needed any more incentive to visit Paris!