The Top 3 Pizza Restaurants in the World are Waiting for You

Pizza is one of those universally loved foods, like chocolate and cheese. The dish is so popular that 5 billion pies are sold globally each year. You may be satisfied with your neighborhood pizza joint, but Big 7 Travel has sought out the 50 Best Pizzas in the World and our mouths are watering. 

3. Peppe Pizzeria — Paris, France

Trained in the Spanish Quarters in Naples, Peppe Cutrato learnt how to make authentic wood-fired pizza. He then opened a restaurant in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris just before a global pandemic hit. The pizzeria survived, which surely has something to do with its creative toppings like cured pork cheek, fig jam, and truffles from Molise.

2. Ken’s Artisan Pizza — Portland, United States

As much as pizza is Italian, it is a staple in America. The dish has developed into a variety of versions, including stuffed crust, deep-dish, and even pizza on a stick. But at Ken’s Artisan Pizza, you’ll find authentic, wood-fired pies featuring hand-stretched mozzarella, long fermented dough, sweet Italian tomatoes, and toppings like fennel and leeks.

1. 10 by Diego Vitagliano — Naples, Italy

Just in case you thought for a moment that the best pizza was not in Italy, Diego Vitagliano has assuaged your fears. Even better, his pizzeria, 10, is located in Naples which is considered the birthplace of pizza. When you visit, be sure to order the Pistadella, which boasts Fiore di latte di agerola, mortadella, and Sicilian pistachio pesto.