These 3 Foods Can Really Improve Your Mental Health

Dark chocolate
Photo by amirali mirhashemian on Unsplash

When your body feels better, your mind tends to feel better. That’s why when it comes to the topic of mental health, the food you eat actually has an incredible ability to influence it. There are certain foods with properties that are so powerful that they can literally make you feel happier at times. If you’ve been feeling down and you’re wondering which foods might be able to pick you up, here are three that are great in that regard.


If you’re looking for a food that has potassium, healthy fats, vitamin K, and folate as well, look no further than avocado. All of these components rolled together into one provide a foundation for brain health that has been linked to improved mental health.

Dark Chocolate

The cool thing about dark chocolate is that it technically can be considered “junk food”, but when it is eaten in moderation, it’s actually far from it. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it can release endorphins which are known mood-lifters.


Turmeric, which is one of the most popular cooking spices in the world, contains a powerful property known as curcumin. This compound has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it ripe with capabilities of reducing depressing thoughts.