These 4 Coffee Additions Will Make Your Next Cup of Joe Unique

Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash

Coffee is normally a pretty simple beverage.

Most of us usually just drink it black, or perhaps with a little bit of milk or cream. If you are really feeling fancy, you might even add a bit of foam or sugar to it to liven things up.

If you want to make your next cup of coffee even more interesting, here are four things that you can add to your cup to spice things up.


That’s right! Instead of sweetening your coffee with sugar, next time, try using honey. This ingredient adds character to a coffee if you prefer to drink yours sweet.

Coconut Milk

Instead of adding regular, dairy-based milk to your coffee, try coconut milk. Its sweeter characteristics and slight coconut notes might surprise you. You might even start preferring it to regular milk or cream in your coffee.

Cocoa Powder

Coffee and chocolate is a classic combination, so why not try adding the slightly-sweet dark chocolate notes of cocoa powder to your next mug of joe?

Almond Extract

This ingredient is especially recommended if you like milk with your coffee. The nutty flavor of almond will make a flavored latté that’s easy to prepare at home.