These Are the Ultimate Dutch Foods You Have to Try

The Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Their capital Amsterdam is a unique destination that has much more to offer than a crazy nightlife. These Dutch foods are so delicious that you have to start planning a trip to Amsterdam just to get a taste.


Snert is one of the best traditional Dutch foods that are perfect for winter. It is a pea soup, loaded with vegetables. You can also find it from street food stands, especially in Amsterdam.


Tompouce is a delicious pastry made of two layers. It is topped with either white or pink icing.


Stamppot is one of the most recognizable Dutch foods that is served with mashed potatoes, a mix of vegetables, sausage and other additions. It all depends on which type of stamppot you’ll choose.


Mini pancakes are always a great idea. If you even make it to The Netherlands, you have to there these tasty pancakes. You can have them in restaurants or from street food stands. Either way, the most delicious dessert ever.


Oliebollen actually means oil balls. But these fried desserts are much more delicious than they sound. Oliebollen come in several variations. You can find them loaded with powdered sugar, ice cream, fruit, and even Nutella.