These Hawaiian Desserts Will Knock Your Socks Off

Image via Photo by LAMeeks/Depositphotos

Hawaii is known for being a beautiful archipelago, but if you’ve never tasted their desserts, prepare to be blown away.


Since Hawaii is a series of tropical islands, it’s no surprise that coconut is used in many of their dishes and desserts. Probably the most well-known dessert you’ll find is called haupia, which is a coconut-based custard that can be eaten on its own, stuffed into other desserts, on top of cakes, and more!


Even though this dessert actually comes from Portugal, malasadas ended up being an integral part of Hawaiian desserts through immigration and colonization. Malasadas are one of the best desserts you can find in Hawaii because it is essentially a donut, but much richer and more flavorful since they are made with evaporated milk, eggs, and other very rich ingredients. You can find malasadas usually stuffed with a sweet custard such as haupia, which really puts them over the top.

Lilikoi Chiffon Pie

This pie just tastes like a tropical day in Hawaii. Lilikoi chiffon pie is like a regular pie, but instead of a boring filling, you can a tangy passion fruit one, and for the topping, expect chantilly cream, a marshmallow-like product, or something in between. Once you taste this simple-looking pie, you will never go back.