These Junk Food Items are Surprisingly Vegan

Image by lorimalhiot from Pixabay

When you think of someone being vegan, you assume that they eat really healthy without any junk food involved. And while people who eat a plant-based diet do eat a lot of whole foods, there are tons of junk foods that are vegan-friendly but still really bad for you. Here’s a list of junk foods that are actually vegan.

Chocolate Syrup

Even though it has chocolate in the name, most companies, including Hershey’s, makes their chocolate syrup without any dairy or animal products. That means you can enjoy the sugary syrupy dessert topping even if you’re vegan.

White Cheddar Popcorn

SkinnyPop is a really popular snack, because it generally has fewer calories than chips. However, it’s still not healthy because it has a good amount of unhealthy fats. Even though they have a lot of plain, vegan-friendly flavors, one in particular, the white cheddar, is vegan as well.


Although these famous sandwich cookies aren’t 100% vegan because they’re made in a factory with animal products — which could lead to cross-contamination — the actual cookie themselves are totally dairy-free and animal product free. However, these snacks are still full of sugar and are definitely considered the ultimate junk food treat.