This Melbourne Based Cupcake Designer is Rocking Our World

Cupcakes are one of the most irresistible sweet treats on the market, and Instagram is filled with food artists who have mastered the art of making them. Nina Michael, the creator of Sophia Mya Cupcakes, is one of them and her creations are straight out of a fairytale.

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Confessions of Nina (🚫Sophia) It’s been a while since I’ve introduced myself on IG. So Hi!! and a BIG warm welcome & thank you to all the newbies & OG’s! I thought I’d confess some weird/unusual things about me to make it a lil more interesting.😜💜♏️ #70k ——————————————— • I have a serious case of cute aggression ~it’s actually a thing~so when I love so much or think something is too cute for words, I want to slap/bite/squish but in a good way!!(My poor kids). I blame my moms side for this. true? @wesugarart —————————————————————— •I was a little cruel to my siblings growing up cuz they’d drive me crazy. I pretty much helped raise them so when they didn’t listen & were so naughty, i’d Pledge the floors & they’d go flying when they ran.🙈(I cringe at this now but it was so freakin hilarious at 15 yrs old)😂 ————————————————————— •I read a magazine backwards. I start from the last page & go forward. What the hell does that mean psychologically?🙉 —————————————————————- •In my household, we get a thrill out of scaring the hell out of each other. I’m talking hidden plastic spiders, fake rats from our halloween props, etc. Biggest scare of my life was when I was home alone(so i thought) in the shower & when I opened the door my eyes were at level with a mans chest. I nearly dropped to the floor. Not cool John!! That was so cruel 😭 He actually felt like crap when he saw the sheer terror on my face. Payback is going to be a b$tch! 😂 Ideas on how to get him back are very welcomed!! —————————————————————— Thanks for reading my confessions & hope I haven’t scared you off, haha. I’d love to get to know you better too. Confess something about yourself ⬇️ (p.s i’ve booked myself in for a psych evaluation after writing these 😆)

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Her growing business specializes in unique, whimsical and glam sweets inspired by flowers, nature, and art. She uses high quality ingredients in the process of making her Insta-worthy creations, which are baked from scratch, in small batches.

Michael enjoys experimenting with different shapes and color schemes, and her creations often look so amazing you’d feel bad about eating them. Flowers seem to be her main source of inspiration, but she’s fully open to giving other motifs a shot.

Sophia Mya Cupcakes are instantly recognizable, and this brand is responsible for starting the monogram cupcake trend. Michael was the first food artist who started creating monogram craft boxes using cupcakes, and they quickly became a popular gift for all sorts of special occasions.